We specialise in Cornish-grown flowers. Untouched by the ravages of air travel and refrigeration, our seasonal flowers are picked fresh daily - and then sold directly to you. That means they come to you in absolutely superb condition.  And they will stay that way for days!

A bespoke floral service especially for you ...
The Cornish Bunch is managed by Brenda Lemon, a professional florist with over 25 years experience in the flower business. Renowned for her flair and creativity with all things green, you can call on Brenda to help you with all your floral needs.

... for a wedding or special occasion
Perhaps you’d like our glorious Cornish flowers for your wedding? We can supply everything you need, from stunning individually designed flower arrangements, to your bridal bouquet, to the best man’s buttonhole! We can even supply natural flower petal confetti (a popular choice with churches).

... for your business
If you’d like a regular supply of fresh Cornish flowers for your own business, just call Brenda Lemon on 07809 503 610 or contact us now.

You can also check us out or get in touch via - www.facebook.com/TheCornishBunch or www.instagram.com/thecornishbunch/